the feast! promise

our story

Feast! opened February 13, 2002. The 24×30 foot floor was clad in reclaimed hardwood, the walls a vibrant yellow with accents of burgundy red. The focal point at the center of the store was our olive oil table, a round table with an exquisite “olive tree” base shaped by bent and welded steel rods. It held a French bottle tree stocked with sparkling glass bottles ready for filling (and refilling) from big clear decanters of olive oils and vinegars.

The heart of the store was the open cheese case, stocked with about 40 artisan cheeses and 10 hams and salamis. There was also a small chalkboard menu of sandwiches easily made from the selections in the case. There were three monkeys: Kate Collier, Suzannah Kerr, and Eric Gertner.

Feast! has grown a lot since then. Kate and Eric got married and had a baby, Oscar. The store is almost 5,000 square feet. There are about 75 cheeses and 60 cured and deli meats. The lunch café serves a full menu daily and Feast! employs eighteen full-timers.

Feast! is a store that continues to grow from the passion and focus of its staff, both past and present, and from the feedback and intelligence of its customers. The development of this website is a recent endeavor and we see it as an opportunity to communicate our mission and grow with our community.

Of course, you’ll still have to come to feast! for the full experience and we look forward to your visit.

our mission

To offer Feast! customers the best in service and quality. To be a vital and responsible business — independently owned and operated — that is a viable alternative to huge, corporate groceries and that develops the unique character and economic advantages that independently owned businesses offer to the community.

how we do it

  • by being owner-operated
  • by educating staff members, and expecting them to make decisions and take responsibility for success
  • by encouraging innovative thinking and productive communication
  • by offering our customers an enticing and gracious experience in addition to a seasonally invigorated product mix
  • by having the highest quality standards. By connecting local farmers, artisan food producers and consumers by specifically sourcing and endorsing hand-made, local and seasonal foods that sustain the viability of farmland and family-owned food businesses
  • by donating products and services to our community in ways that extend our mission
… there is something of what you have all created that I don’t ever want to stop experiencing. I love the size of the store, I appreciate the smiling, helpful beings … that populate every corner of the store, I love all the chances to discover new delights and there is just something, cleansing, lightening (read as in a load made lighter!), inspiring, comforting, enriching and soothing about being there.
from a recent email sent to the Feast! Staff