The readers of C-VILLE Weekly  have voted Feast! Best Specialty Food store again!

We’re in great company, pick up a copy at the Main Street Market and see all the best things to do, places to eat, ways to work out, shopping spots and more in Charlottesville, Virginia!



Feast! on West Main Street is a place where a simple thing like picking out a wedge of cheese becomes an event—the place is full of crusty breads still warm from the bakery, jars of jams and relishes in flavors you never knew existed, exquisite local produce, eggs from hens raised in nearby fields, individually wrapped chocolates and caramels at the checkout counter…you’re bound to leave with more than just a wedge of cheese. While Feast! focuses on local specialties, Foods of All Nations on Ivy Road has, you guessed it, foods from all over the world (recommended: the international chocolate and candy selection placed strategically toward the front of the store).