The Feast! Coffee Shop
Coffee, Espresso, Creative Warm Drinks
Quick & Healthy Breakfast Choices

Coffee, Espresso,
Creative Warm Drinks
Quick and Healthy Breakfast Choices

The Feast! Coffee Shop offers locally-roasted coffee drinks and other warm concoctions to energize your day

A racecar red, 1974 Citroen HVan, originally designed and built to sell artisan cheese at Farmer’s Markets throughout Southern France, is now parked permanently in the indoor sculpture gallery at the Main Street Market.

feast! Coffee Truck Menu
The Coffee Shop by feast! Breakfast Menu
feast! Coffee Truck Menu
The Coffee Shop by feast! Breakfast Menu

Love! The folks working there are totally awesome! It makes such a fabulous little break in our work day to be able to slip down there and get some coffee….thrilled that it is now open! Much success! 🙂

Super cute! I got a mocha made with homemade cashew milk, delicious! Will be back soon.​

The display of coffee mugs sitting right there in front of us, of course I could not resist coming back on my lunch break to buy one for part of my co-worker’s Christmas 2018 gift! Missed Oscar 🙁 LOVE FEAST! 🙂

Just got a delicious Lavender London Fog Earl Grey steamer. They were so friendly!

…you go here because you want them to succeed, you enjoy the quick little exchanges with the staff…so much of the whole “coffee” thing is the connection you develop with the folks on the other side of the counter…the staff is great and we are very happy to have the coffee “cart” open at feast! 🙂

The Feast! Coffee Shop - Bailey

Originally from Colombia, Oscar has been in the coffee business for over 14 years. After working for many different coffee companies, Oscar realized that managing a chain coffee shop and preparing corporate drinks were not enough for him. At feast!, he found an opportunity to have a more human connection with customers. He can also be creative with his drink-making, offering special, inspired refreshments including “healthy choices”.

Come visit Oscar at the Coffee Truck @ feast! He’s got some good stories to share, and is looking forward to learning about you, too.

The Coffee Shop @ feast! is also on facebook.