Greater Charlottesville VA: Art and Culture in the Land of Jefferson

WHY GO: First and foremost, Charlottesville VA is a college town: home to the Thomas Jefferson designed University of Virginia. But it’s also part of a region rich in the arts, spirit making, and full of creative entrepreneurs and chefs with diverse backgrounds. Contrary to the tiki-torch-toting Neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville in the summer of 2017, the town exudes an open-minded friendly vibe, with a diverse and international populace. Charlottesville is everything that those angry White Supremacists are not: respectful, peaceful, and proud of their birth or adopted country and community.

I discovered that residents of Charlottesville want you to come and see what they are really like, and enjoy some incredible sights, food, and drink while doing so. Discover Georgia O’Keeffe’s artistic origins, the only Australian Aboriginal Art Museum in the United States, a top art gallery tucked miles away on hilly farmland, a cattle ranch distillery with some of the best bourbon and burgers (made from mash-fed cows) you’ll ever scarf down, the only Sake Brewery in Virginia, a thinking (wo)man’s Wine Shop, great shopping, fantastic restaurants, and so much more. Throw in some cool boutique hotels, combine it with a visit to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and other sites recommended in This Getaway Mavens Post, and you’ve got yourself a three-day vacation just a short drive away. Read on…

Feast Main Street Market Charlottesville VA

SHOP/PROVISION: Main Street Market Shops, including Feast! Pick up prepared foods at the deli counter, wine, cheese, preserves, olive oil, charcuterie – anything for a tailgate or picnic. Inside this small mall you’ll also find the Coffee Truck by Feast! and spices galore at The Spice Diva.