Food Network: Best Sandwiches in America

A good sandwich is as American as apple pie, spawning dozens of regional interpretations and variations from New York City to Nebraska.  We’re proud to be listed among Here are the most-iconic sandwiches in the United States, and the perfect place to try each one.


Ham and Cheese: Feast! (Charlottesville, Virginia)

It’s hard to find a ham and cheese that’s better than the one you make at home… unless you head to Feast! in Charlottesville, Virginia. The local-centric market and deli offers an impeccable rosemary ham and goat cheese sandwich that celebrates the flavors of the city and nearby Shenandoah Valley. The creamy and tangy chevre is handcrafted in small batches down the road at Caromont Farm. It’s counterbalanced with a sweet and spicy plum chutney from Virginia Chutney Company and peppery arugula from Manakintowne Farm, all layered together on fresh focaccia bread made by Albemarle Baking Company, then warmed on the grill. For those who want to eat more than one, all of the ingredients can be purchased at the neighboring specialty store, so you can up your at-home ham and cheese game, as well.