More cheese, please!

Clean, sharp, rustic, musty—a pile of dreamy dairy gives us all the feels


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So you wanna make a cheese platter? We asked Feast! cheesemonger Sara Adduci to create the board of her dreams (and ours).

Harbison from Jasper Hill Cellars (Vermont)

“This gorgeous, spruce bark-wrapped beauty is a guaranteed showstopper at a party. Just throw a spoon in the top and serve with crusty bread or (gasp!) potato chips.”

Esmontonian from Caromont Farm (Virginia)

“This firm, raw goat’s milk cheese is dense and bright, with just the right amount of goaty twang. Perfect with a drizzle of local honey on top.”

Manchego 1605 from Finca Sierra la Solana (Spain)

“A gem in a sea of Manchegos. This raw sheep’s milk cheese is rich, nutty and tender. Try with a sip of dry sherry and a slice of Jamon Serrano.”

Monastery Gouda from Our Lady of the Angels Monastery (Virginia)

“This is one of our go-to comfort cheeses. This semi-soft, cow’s milk round is easy-eating, mild, delicious and holy!”

Schnebelhorn from Käserei Butschwil (Switzerland)

“Complex, rich, meaty, nutty, spicy and full of those little textural bits we call cheese diamonds. This is the cheese you want on your scrambled eggs.”

L’Amuse Signature Gouda from L’Amuse Fromagerie

“This two-year aged cheese has flavor for days, the crunchy bits you find in long-aged cheeses and a bit of butterscotchy sweetness.”

Commander Chicory from Twenty Paces (Virginia)

“This big hunka blue from here in C’ville is a great one for folks who think they don’t like blues. Perfect crumbled on sweet tomatoes.”

Alp Blossom from Sennerei Huban (Austria)

“Semi-firm, meaty, savory, with an undercurrent of herbal, floral magic.”

Sofia from Capriole Goat Cheese (Indiana)

“A zippy little goat’s milk cheese with two parallel lines of vegetable ash through the center. I love this one with a glass of Sancerre.”

Essex Street Feta from M. Tastanis (Greece)

“Softer in texture, and with a depth of flavor that goes way beyond just salty. I love this feta with Greek olive oil, fresh thyme and crusty bread.”

Domitilla from casArrigoni (Italy)

“While this washed-rind cheese might look intimidating, it’s quite mild and sweet. Add some Castelvetranos and a bottle of Arneis for the win.”