Local Grocery Stores Pivot to Delivery by CBS19

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) --As lines for big supermarkets sometimes extend into the parking lots, while customers wait patiently and keep their distance, there's a new option that helps support local businesses from one's own home.

Grocery stores like Feast! on West Main Street, which has prided itself on being a place to gather, has shut its doors.

"It was all about free samples and coming in and tasting and talking about things," said Feast! co-owner Kate Collier. Feast!, has set up grocery delivery, where customers can still buy their favorite local products.

Feast! had only ever existed in its physical location before the pandemic.

"We spent the first probably four days taking photographs of everything we have in the store and putting it online and building an online shop," said Collier. Customers can add to their carts online and either drive up for curbside pickup or get groceries delivered to their doors.

"We tie balloons around them on deliveries so it brings a little joy to people," said Collier. "Some people are really excited to have people to talk to for a little bit."

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