Italian Dinner

Italian Dinner


A feast! in a box!

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Feast! Aromatic Sea Salt
Delicious sea salt mixed with rosemary, garlic, sage and black pepper. Sprinkle it on any meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, or veggies. All your dishes will be more complex and flavorful with a dash of feast! salt. It’s the secret ingredient.

Feast! Golden Balsamic Vinegar
Our golden balsamic vinegar has the sweet nectar flavors of balsamic without the dark color that stains your greens. It is perfect for making salad dressings. Just add olive oil, aromatic sea salt, a dash of mustard and shake.

Feast! Italian Olive Oil
Our Italian Extra Virgin olive oil is selected for it’s spunky, spicy flavor and top quality. It has enough vibrant flavor to be used as a condiment when finishing a pasta dish or fresh mozzarella salad. It makes a quick and fantastic salad dressing when mixed with feast! golden balsamic vinegar and aromatic sea salt. It’s also delicious on it’s own as a bread dipping oil.

Feast! Marinara Sauce
This delicious, all-natural sauce is handmade in small batches by Paul “Hoop” Hooper in Martinsville, Virginia. A self-proclaimed “Italian… by osmosis!” Hoop has been perfecting this sauce for over 25 years cooking for his family and friends. His marinara sauce is a staff favorite at feast! for it’s bright, classic flavor and fresh, home cooked taste.

Ligurian Basil Pesto
Rich, basil-packed pesto from the Italian Riviera. Made with extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, cheese, salt, garlic and wine vinegar. Just toss with pasta or spread on bread for a super delicious and simple snack

Trucioli Pasta
This spiral-shaped pasta is produced with the a blend of the highest-quality durum wheat flour – 20% being Senatore Cappelli grain, an heirloom, high-protein, non-GMO varietal. It’s flavor and ability to hold sauce is remarkable.

Prosciutto di Parma
This Italian dry-cured ham is thinly sliced and can be eaten uncooked as an appetizer with cheeses or as part of the meal when torn into bite-sized pieces and added to pasta sauce at the very end.

Parmigiano Reggiano
The King of Cheeses. Parmigiano Reggiano is a super aged cow’s milk cheese with the perfect balance of salty and sweet and a texture that grates beautifully atop any pasta or salad. It can even be cut up and eaten with the prosciutto as a no fuss appetizer.

Feast! Chocolate Toffee Pistachios
End the meal simply, with a handful of chocolate toffee pistachios. Fresh roasted premium grade pistachios covered in crunchy butter toffee then drenched in deluxe milk chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar. Pair with a snifter of bourbon or a great glass of port.