Cacio de Roma is an Italian semi-soft sheep's milk cheese. It is handcrafted in the countryside of Rome, Italy.  The cheese is aged for about one month, during which it develops a mild, sweet and nutty flavor.  It is a classic table cheese and can be enjoyed as a snack, shaved atop a salad and grated on pizza or pasta. Since it melts very well, it is used in everyday cooking.


Sold in an 8 oz. piece.


Fun Fact regarding lactose intolerance and inflammation:

Dairy products from goat and sheep are often better tolerated because they contain lower levels of milk proteins since they come from smaller animals. Goat and sheep’s milk also contain the more easily digestible A2 beta-casein, which is a big part of the reason they’re less likely to cause gastrointestinal symptoms and inflammatory responses when consumed. For an added bonus, goat and sheep are also less likely to be factory farmed and therefore, have reduced amounts of added chemicals, hormones and antibiotics in their feed and environments in comparison to cattle.

Cacio de Roma