Our Latinx community is negatively impacted in disproportionate ways by this public health emergency.


The Latinx community is integral to keeping our essential services functioning and, as a result, they are at higher risk of contracting Covid-19. But, pre-existing health disparities, as well as economic and other barriers (including things like requiring a driver's license for testing), can make testing and other medical care harder for them to access. We know that Latinx foodservice workers are the backbone of our restaurant and institutional kitchens and many have been laid off with no opportunities for employment on the horizon. After more than 4 months of pandemic disruption, the struggle is becoming even more challenging for our Latinx neighbors.


Let's be there for this community which is there for all of us in so many ways. We can do this by financially supporting the work of Sin Barreras who are a trusted and effective organization in our community. The Latinx community is resilient, just historically underserved. Our contribution can be that little bit of support that gives someone access to the services and hope they need to make it through this unprecedented disturbance.


Sin Barreras educates, supports and serves the immigrant community focusing on the Latinx population of Charlottesville and the surrounding areas. Sin Barreras provides direct services to clients, such as access to social services, health care, education, and legal services. They provide information, referrals, notary services and translation, ESL classes and citizenship exam preparation. Sin Barreras hosts workshops (for both the Spanish and English speaking communities) on housing, tax and labor laws, immigration policies, human rights and other topics, and participates in advocacy initiatives that affect their clients.


For more information please visit: https://sinbarrerascville.com/


Community Giving


    As part of our mission to be a good neighbor, feast! is highlighting a local charitable organization each season that we feel is doing an exceptional job of contributing to a better Charlottesville for all.  We will start the donation pot off with $100, and in partnership with our generous customers - You! - we will add 100% of the amount collected here. Our hope is that, together, we will be able to make an impactful financial contribution to support the work of those giving their time, effort and care to helping our neighbors in need.


    We will send an email at the end of the season letting you all know how much we raised, and each contributor will be recogized in a letter to the organization when the donation is made. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know in the notes section of your order.


    Thank you to all of our customers for your support of feast!, our staff, and the community we share! 


    note: we are unable to provide tax-deductible receipts via this program.  If you would like to make a larger donation and receive a tax-deductible receipt please contact the organization directly.