Send care when you can't be there. 

Local Residents Only - Gift Box Packaging Included!

Everyone appreciates a delicious dinner delivered to their door - especially new parents, sick friends, and folks who are just working too darn hard to cook.  Treat them to this well balanced, hearty, and healthy feast that takes minimal heating to enjoy. A bottle of Feast! Virginia Wine and a keepsake Feast! an insulated picnic bag included. 


Vegetarian? Gluten-Free? Just let us know, we accommodate all allergies and dietary restrictions.


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Dinner Delivered

Meal Type
  • Due to COVID 19's disruption in the supply chain, some items may need to be substituted with a product of equal function and value.

    Gift Box Packaging Included!



    Virginia Cheese

    Feast! Sliced Charcuterie

    Feast! Olive Mix

    Albemarle Baking Co. Baguette



    Feast! Curry Tomato, Coconut & Kale Soup

    Local Mixed Greens

    Feast! Classic Balsamic Dressing

    Feast! Croutons



    Feast! Frozen Dinners



    Found Market Co. Cookies

    Cville Candy Co. Chocolate 



    Feast! Virginia Table Wine