If you like the rich nuttiness of sheep's milk cheeses, you should try Fleur de Maquis - aka. "Brin d'Amour," meaning "a breath of love." 


This cheese is made on the birthplace of Napolean - Corsica - a French island off the coasts of France and Italy in the Mediterranean Sea.  Corsica is the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean and lends itself to the raising of smaller, sure footed animals - sheep and goats. 


Fleur de Maquis is made from the fresh milk of sheep (brebis) who graze on the bramble and herbal flora that grow on Corsica's rocky, wind blown landscape. Cheesemakers have, for generations, enhanced the bright citrus and toasty flavors naturally present in the sheeps milk by sprinkling the little cheeses with ground rosemary, fennel seeds, juniper berries and chiles harvested nearby.


Enjoy with honey, grainy breads, rustic wine and lamb.


Sold in a 6 ounce quarter wheel.

Fleur de Maquis Cheese