Produced in northern Spain, Idiazabal is a lightly smoked, hard cheese made from the raw milk of sheep. We love its sharp and nutty flavor with a delicate complexity of natural smoke. 


Enjoy on a cheese board with quince paste, marcona almonds and serrano ham or shaved thinly over a mixed green salad. Idiazabal also pairs well with a simple red wine, dry cider, or saison beer.


The cheese originated in the high mountain pastures of the Spanish Basque region, where it was made by nomadic shepherds. For the duration of the summer, the shepherds would move their sheep up the mountains to graze on lush, new grass. During this time they would milk the sheep and make cheese in mountain huts. The cheeses matured in the rafters, where fires inside the hut would impart a smoky flavor. At the end of September, the shepherds, sheep, and cheeses would all return to the lower slopes, and by this time, the cheeses were ready for sale.


Enjoy this historic cheese, sold in a 6 oz. piece.