So that life will always have flavor!


This trio of all natural sea salts is a unique and useful gift for your favorite host. The gift of salt historically symbolizes preserved relationships, good health, and stability and is surely a gift to be treasured! This collection of Feast!’s favorite salts are a kitchen staple for everyone from the master chef to the amateur cook. 


Bolivian Rose Salt

A beautiful, fine grained, sprinkling salt for everyday use. This salt is cultivated from deep within the Andes Mountains in Bolivia and has been formed over the last 300 million years in the purest, untouched state of nature. 


Crystal Pyramids Salt

Considered the highest grade of sea salt, this salt from a protected nature reserve in Portugal has been harvested since Roman times. Shaped like a pyramid, this salt crumbles at a touch and melts on the tongue. Use whole for impressive visual effect or crush between your fingers to season with layers of texture and delicate taste.


Aromatic Sea Salt

 A delicious Italian sea salt mixed with rosemary, garlic, sage, and black pepper. This salt adds robust mediterranean flavors to vegetables, fish, chicken, turkey, and meats. Use as a seasoning before roasting or sprinkle just before serving. This salt is the secret ingredient.

Sea Salt Trio